Location Privacy

Now AvailableLocation Data Privacy: Guidelines, Assessment & Recommendations. This report is a groundbreaking piece of work based on over 8 months of interviews with key executives plus input from those dealing with privacy challenges on the front lines day in and day out.

Location data is being collected and used at a greater scale and pace then ever before.  But it’s all happening without any clear boundaries around the use of the data.  And that poses business, legal and ethical problems.

The Location Forum is tackling the issue of managing location data privacy in a big way.

While legal and policy issues are a large component, our main focus is on helping executives, product developers, marketers, architects and CIO’s integrate location data into their business without alienating customers and employees or risking the wrath of regulators.

Easier said than done.

The Location Forum’s Data Privacy Initiative is a first of its kind effort.  Leveraging our member’s expertise, we have formed a Location Privacy Council that is integrating data management, privacy policy and business strategy into a comprehensive set of best practices and guidelines.

Our goal is to both help businesses gain the advantages location offers while deterring legislative action that could damage the prospects for its widespread adoption.

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